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Introduction to Strategic Management and Assessing the Global Environment


The Human Aspect of the Organisation

Managing Relationships

Managing Change Through Projects

Other General Help and Advice

E2 Self Study Guide

A useful guide that will help you plan and prepare for th exam.

Guide to Question Practice

Helpful article which focuses on question answering technique.

Approaching Objective Test Questions

Beneficial information on what you can expect and how to approach the objective test questions.

Objective Test Style and Format *

A helpful insight into the different ways the questions will be formatted.

Study Tips From Students

Great advice from current and former students on the most effective ways to revise the course content

5 Tips on how to Reduce Stress and Improve Focus

Tips on how to minimize stress and improve focus leading up to your exams.

Benefits of Peer Learning

An interesting article highlighting the benefits of studying with peers

CIMA E2 Project and Relationship Management - Free Exam Resource Page

We've compiled a great selection of useful resources from all over the internet to help you to prepare for the CIMA Managerial Exams

Go to and sign up for free access to CIMA Study Texts and practice questions for the CIMA E2 exam.

CIMA E2 Syllabus Topic - Managing Change Through Projects

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 30%

60 Challenging Objective Test Style Questions in each CIMA Mock exam

Prepare for the CIMA Exams and perfect your exam technique using our realistic mock exams, written carefully to simulate the real CIMA exams.

Kotter's 8 Change Step Model

A detailed explanation of Kotter's 8 steps to change model and gets to the heart of change management. It discusses the importance of the use of a change model as a means to achieve successful organisational change.

A brief explanation of Kotter's 8 steps to successful change. Its simple bullet point format makes it easy to read and understand the key points. This is an excellent addition to the E2 Study Text.

Change Management

Article and video that focuses on leading change management and how it can have an impact on businesses.

CIMA E2 Syllabus Topic - Managing Relationships

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 20%

Try the Exam Practice Kit for free

Sign up now and get instant access to 2 chapters worth of questions for each CIMA subject.

Belbin's Team Roles

A brief but amusing introduction to Belbin's 9 roles for an effective team.

An introduction to the definition of 'Team Roles' and how they interact with each other. Which role are you?

This article looks specifically at the 'Resource Investigator'. Resource Investigators are known for being extroverted members of the team who are always on the lookout for new opportunities.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

A useful 10 minute video introducing and explaining Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It defines each of the five needs giving examples to put them in context. He explains how they can influence the design of incentive programmes. This is a useful video that will build your knowledge in this key area and prepare you for the CIMA Objective Test exam.

Horizontal and Vertical Conflict  

This article is a useful addition to the content from the E1 Study Text.  It is a short summary of horizontal conflict and vertical conflict. It uses examples to demonstrate the differences and also discusses multi channel conflict.

 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Article discussing what businesses can learn from Maslow's hierachy and how it will affect the future of businesses.

Comprehensive article that links Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to the motivation of employees. Includes a useful video which explains how Maslow's hierachy can affect motivation.

CIMA E2 Syllabus Topic - The Human Aspect of the Organisation

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 20%

Like our CIMA Management Students Facebook Page

There are plenty more hints and tips in addition to other information available on our Managerial Facebook page. This page is specifically tailored to those students sitting the E2, F2, P2 and Case Study Exam.

Selection and Screening

In-depth article that focuses on Google's screening and interview process. Looks at how structured interviews can be an advantage, examples of interview questions and why it's helpful to meet the people who will be working for you. This is a good article that covers the basics required for the CIMA E2 exams.


Interesting TED talk by Jay Wilkinson, who has had years of experience with his own companies and others. This talk explores company culture, including the foundations of culture, core values and how to look for employees who will fit into those values.

Organisational Configuration - Mintzberg

This video looks at Mintzberg's structural configurations, including the simple structure, machine bureaucracy, professional bureaucracy, divisional form and innovative/adhocracy.

Training and Development

Detailed article which looks at the different methods of training programmes available. This starts at the beginning of the recruitment and goes on to look at onboarding, learning management and offboarding.

E2 Technical Articles from CIMA Connect

This is a summary table of key articles from CIMA Connect. You will find these a helpful addition to the Astranti resources above.

Management Online Masterclass Recordings

The aim of these classes are to revise the key areas of the entire syllabus through detailed full-day sessions.

If you’ve found any other resources yourself why not share them on the discussion board below, students perform at their best when they are all helping each other out!

E2 Project and Relationship Management Complete Course - The Full Package

Sign up today to get full access to:

CIMA E2 Syllabus Topic - An Introduction to Strategic Management and Assessing the Global Environment

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 30%

Free CIMA Management Study Text

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 to your own free study materials including complete CIMA Exam Study Texts

        Additional benefits include:

Porter's Five Forces

A concise, entertaining video which explores Porter's Five Forces model in depth. It gives examples of how the model can be used to achieve competitive advantage. This is a very good example of applying the theory to a real business which will be useful in the approaching the CIMA  Case Study Exam.

Barney's Resource Based View

Provides a comprehensive explanation of Barney's Resource Based View. It explains the VRIN concept (Valuable, Rare, Inimitable and Non-substitutable) and gives modern day examples for each. It emphasises the role each of these elements plays in order to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

PESTLE Analysis Explained

The PESTLE analysis is explained in this informative video. This is very good supplementary information to the E2 Study Text.  

SWOT Analysis

Demonstrates a retrospective SWOT analysis on a restaurant. It then applies the outcome of the SWOT to the development of the restaurants future strategy.

PESTLE Analysis of Starbucks

An example of a PESTLE Analysis applied to Starbucks. This article is  extremely useful as it relates the theory to a business in a similar way that will be required for the CIMA Management Case Study Exam.

Porter's Diamond

 Michael Porters “The Diamond Model” was published in 1990 in his book ”The Competitive Advantage of Nations”. It’s a model that can help us understand why a nation becomes the home base for successful international competitors in a particular industry and other nations don’t.  This will give you a deeper understanding as to how Porter’s Diamond can be applied to a well known organisation which is essential for the CIMA Case Study Exam.